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Sijbers productions design development is a full service product design office located in Son near Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Sijbers Productions design development will quickly take your idea from concept, to detail design, to prototype, and then guiding and directing production manufacturing.

Sijbers Productions design development is driven to innovate unique solutions for Product Design Services including Industrial Design, Engineering and Software Development. At Sijbers productions we have a complete set of service offerings to meet any project needs.
Sijbers Productions design development aims at delivering people-focused product design service with global impact, and is recognized for research, strategy, innovation, and design. We are an industrial product design firm that helps businesses design products from the initial product concept stage through successful product development.
If you are looking for an ethical product design firm, or if you would like to work with an innovative product design company that will convert your product idea into a fully developed finished product, come see us at Sijbers productions!


Harrie Sijbers

Actual: designing watches in ‘Time-Origin’ watch concepts