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Connect with nature, relax

Forget those spinning hands that make you nervous, RELAX Follow the sun, together with the earth it takes care of our time, real time, the origin of our time display. They also provide daytime and nighttime, summer and wintertime depending on the seasons. It’s all in this outstanding timepiece.

This watch concept is the logical sequel to the concepts watchconcepts by Harrie Sijbers, product designer in ‘Sijbers productions’. Time display has been reduced to the essentials. The watch is a statement, emotion, piece of jewelry and a work of art at the same time. In addition, there is a direct link to the origin of time which makes the watch concept interesting and educational. The symbolism of the concept is a statement for a more consciously relaxed life. A life connected with nature.

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the first mechanical watch concept with no hands or combined with quartz movement for time/second analogue time

a wonderful contribution to a new mindset

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Despite its purity there is room for creativity in this watch concept. The rotating central part of the watch leaves space forinspirational designs and branding. Adding a quartz movement makes analogue time or second time possible:

Inner circle with quartz movement for time/second time

The time is NOW, now is the time..every day. NOW rotates from moment to moment, endless because it is always NOW. The ‘point of time’ is given by the position of the sun. In addition to this point of time, you also see how many time is left before sunset. You also see how long the night lasts and what time the sun rises to start a new day. What more do you want to know? watch now and relax!


the essence of time Now is the time

ESSENCE OF TIME NOW is a horological masterpiece in a design inspired by the heavenly bodies in space. No other watch in the world expresses the essence of time in this attractive way. The attraction also lies in the extreme purity, no hands and no other elements then just the sun and the display of day and nighttime.

Time in now, from moment to moment. This moving innercircle can also be fixed.

This innovative watchconcept makes us realize at any time of the day how close we are to nature and how dependent we are on it. A wonderful contribution to a new mindset that we all need so much? With this concept we might begin to consider ourselves ‘a part of nature’ and by wearing it show concern for the planet, a strong signal. This watch also tell’s a story it can give a strong signal: by wearing it you show concern for the planet. This watch is an inspirational product that tells a story, about the earth, about the sun. It makes the origin of time visible. It may help us and our children make aware of the power and importance of the sun and it’s relation with time. ‘Follow the sun’ is not just a slogan, living close to nature is a must to save our planet. is the natural way to manage your time with help of the sun.

Time is now, now is the time.